The cabin

Ask yourself how you’d protect yourself from the man if you were me. How would you take care of yourself? Go home, live your life, take care of yourself, take care of your family and come back to me when you have the answer you came to look for in the cabin.



After years of intense practice, I still feel that I have to discover, to learn, to forget. I have so much to forget. Something deep inside me tells me that this is because I want to feel rather than just … Feel.


My ego is obsessed,
And debates against the contempt
Of my soul, connected
With my deepest truth.

What if?

What if this situation would last for ever? What if, for whichever reason, you have to stay home for the rest of your life?


Forgetting is a sweet dream.
To be free from everything, from everyone and from myself.

Time. Space. Silence.

When all days look the same, when my space is so limited, I struggle to be in the moment. Rather, I’d prefer time to go faster. I’d prefer not to be aware.


Freedom and authenticity are among the most wanted values nowadays, and the only way to experience them is connecting with your true self, thus connecting with Nature.


The stronger your impulse to explore, letting go your ego, the deeper you observe, wide open, the richer the connection.


Our body is constantly scanning our environment, and this happens outside our conscious awareness. Nevertheless, there is so much information around, changing at every moment, that it is impossible for us to process it all.


The more room you leave to your senses, the better. Be open. When was the last time you really felt? Each of your senses? See. Hear. Smell. Taste. Touch.

(Just Like) Starting Over

Every day, most of our decisions and actions, whether they are conscious or unconscious, have an impact on our environment. Time to wake up.