I’m blue.
Green and blue.
When I run away inside,
I see that I am all

Currents up and down,
Deafening whirlwinds.
The roar of the water inside me
Wakes up my soul.

My ego is obsessed,
And debates against the contempt
Of my soul, connected
With my deepest truth.

The passing clouds
Melt away.
And the waves that challenged my ego
Are appeasing.

My feet, always firm,
Are dissolving
On the ground, disappeared,
Connecting with the whole, blue.

I am water, nothing but water,
And nothing will stop me.
I’m flying, falling
On earth, inside of you.

Wherever you go,
You will find me, flowing.
I am water and I can handle everything.
I can take any form.
Because I am one. Blue. Blue and green.

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