This post is the last of a three-posts series to introduce you to my life philosophy: ExploreObserve. Connect. 

To explore is to follow the wild impulse to go towards what we don’t know, expanding horizons, out of fear, conformity or laziness, looking for change and challenge. 

To observe is to be present in the moment, engaged and letting our senses capture it all, towards awareness although most of the process is literally unconscious. 

Then comes the time to connect.

Explore. Observe. Stay there for a while, be patient and what you will see in front of you, all around you, is YOU. If you are truly here and now, if you overcome your fears, there is no other way. You will connect with yourself. 

Have you ever watched a person in her eyes during a considerable time? Try it. Maybe easier if you don’t know her well. First, you observe awkwardly, then you start to become uncomfortable, probably because you feel your true self is exposed. And it is. Then, a back and forth process starts, leading to seeing you in the eyes of the other person. 

The same happens with other living beings. Try with your pet. The same happens with Nature, with the Universe. But it only happens if you are wide open, like a blank canvass. It only happens if you are fully present and engaged.

The stronger your impulse to explore, letting go your ego, the deeper you observe, wide open, the richer the connection. 

Only the children know what they are looking for.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

When we release control, when we open ourselves to the experience, we can really connect with the moment, with the people, with Nature, with the Universe. There is an instinctive part of it, as it naturally happens with the kids. For grown-ups, in general, it has to be incentivized. Set the intention and go for it. The path may be hard but it’s definitely worth it. 

And the magic happens. Again. When you connect with the moment, when you truly engage, you generate space for your creativity, for you highest contribution. The communication is established through all your senses, with, again, only a tiny part being conscious. The moment is so incredibly richer. You have become one with the moment. You have become one with yourself.

You are connected.

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