If you are reading this, you probably know the title of my blog, my motto. A three-fold approach to our world. Explore. Observe. Connect. 

In the next three posts, I will dig as much as I can in each of them. Let’s start with Explore. 

FORGET. Forget it all. Forget who you are. Forget who you want to be. Forget what has been, until this moment. How much can you forget of yourself, of your beliefs, of your culture, of your world? Forget your excuses. Don’t try to justify. Don’t compare. Simply forget and open yourself. When you think you are ready, go beyond. Can you leave your ego behind? Convert yourself in a blank canvas. Don’t forget there is always a next level. Go there. And beyond. Be courageous. Forget. Let go.

FEEL. Here’s the trick: the more room you leave to your senses, the better. Be open. When was the last time you really felt? Each of your senses? See like an eagle. Hear like a bat. Smell like a bear. Taste like a catfish*. Touch like a spider. Don’t forget, again, there is always a next level. There are more senses available to living beings like the capacity to detect electric or magnetic fields, infrared radiations, polarized light, fire and more, much more. Buddhists have a sixth sense: the mind. Go there. Be intentional. Slow the time and feel.

It will probably be challenging at the beginning, but you know, because you have seen it, that senses can be developed in such unexpected ways, as any other skill. You just need to practice. Consistently. Purposefully.

Normally, you won’t be able to capture all the information out there, at least consciously, only a tiny part. That’s OK. Your body will. Your senses will get it. Your job is to forget and to leave fully open your body, mind and soul.

GO. Once you are ready, as a pure blank canvas and with your perception skills fully alert, it’s time to go out there and in there, for adventure and discovery. The wider your approach, the better. Be proactive, go for it. Feel this energy within you pushing you to go beyond. Outwards and inwards. In all directions, like an explosion. Deep inside.

Don’t forget. There is always a next level. No limits. Go there. Create the conditions to explore more, for more adventure and more discovery. Open yourself and wonder. Lose yourself.

Ready. Let’s go. Breathe. Slow time. Breathe. The Universe is waiting for you.

Explore. Observe. Connect. 

NB: and for those asking me for the definition of a wexplorer, just look at all the words starting with W in this post. You will have a good idea to start with. This is simply who I am.

* What you have to perceive the taste, the catfish has it all over its body. Can you just imagine how your life would be if you were a catfish?

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  1. Love the step-by-step experiential framework! You make it simple for us! The photography is GORGEOUS!!

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