For Ana

Forgetting is a sweet dream.
To be free from everything, from everyone and from myself.

“Be strong! Be brave!”.
Can’t they hear me? Can’t they understand me?
The only strengths I have
Are the ones that take me to the night,
To close my eyes and forget.

Now that I know what I want,
Or, rather, that I realize that
I will never know,
I have no choice but to do everything possible
To forget.

My excesses free me,
Until I fall again.
My freedom oppresses me,
Like those four walls getting closer to me,
Making me smaller, day after day, until I die.

Happily I have you.
I love you.
Escape into you is where I am free.

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  1. Paula

    AWWWWWWW!!! I love this!!! So so so romantic!!! Absolutely adorable and what a beautiful demonstration of your love for your wife!!! YES YES YES!!!

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