This post is the last of a three-posts series to introduce you to my life philosophy: Explore. Observe. Connect.  To explore is to follow the wild impulse to go towards what we don’t know, expanding horizons, out of fear, conformity or laziness, looking for change and challenge.  To observe is to be…



This post is the second of a three-posts series, to introduce you to my motto, my life philosophy: Explore. Observe. Connect. For the first post, about Explore, go here.  Close your eyes. Breathe. Feel the time. Breathe. Feel the space. Breathe. Feel the silence. It’s cold outside. Snowflakes falling. You’re frozen.…



If you are reading this, you probably know the title of my blog, my motto. A three-fold approach to our world. Explore. Observe. Connect.  In the next three posts, I will dig as much as I can in each of them. Let’s start with Explore.  FORGET. Forget it all. Forget…

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