This post is the second of a three-posts series, to introduce you to my motto, my life philosophy: Explore. Observe. Connect. For the first post, about Explore, go here

Close your eyes. Breathe. Feel the time. Breathe. Feel the space. Breathe. Feel the silence.

It’s cold outside. Snowflakes falling. You’re frozen. The wind blows stronger and stronger, covering the sound of the crackling fire. The wooden walls maintain the heat inside and spread their smell all around. The waiter just brought you the chocolate cup you ordered. Even before you have it in front of you, you feel the warm smell of the chocolate and it activates your senses. It’s too hot still, but so comforting. You’re safe now. 

You are here and now, fully engaged. Where have you been in the last minute? How many seconds have you been really living the moment today? Minutes, maybe? Being truly present is probably our biggest challenge nowadays. Our minds always ask us to be somewhere else.

Our body is constantly scanning our environment, and this happens outside our conscious awareness. Nevertheless, there is so much information around, changing at every moment, that it is impossible for us to process it all. Since this is not necessary for our survival and few other areas of interest, our brain has learnt to discard most of it. Unfortunately, this filtering process has a tremendous impact in our lives: it only retains a tiny fraction of what’s around us, of what’s happening. Actually, we lose a lot of very relevant information for our life experience. 

There comes the good part of it. Out of the conscious process, our body, our senses, do their job backstage. Flows of unprocessed data, non-verbalized information getting directly into our mind, body and soul. Rely on the process. The more you will become aware of it, the richer your experience. 

See what no one else sees. See what everyone chooses not to see – out of fear, conformity, or laziness. See the whole world anew each day.

Patch Adams

When we are present in the moment, fully engaged, there comes awareness. The magic happens. Celebrate the wonder of life. So rich. So perfect. 

Breathe. Observe.

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