Step Aside

Then, one day, he decided to step aside from the noise of the world. Just for a moment… to protect his peace. Too much noise… just noise… distractions from essentials…


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After years of intense practice, I still feel that I have to discover, to learn, to forget. I have so much to forget. Something deep inside me tells me that this is because I want to feel rather than just … Feel.


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My ego is obsessed,
And debates against the contempt
Of my soul, connected
With my deepest truth.


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Forgetting is a sweet dream.
To be free from everything, from everyone and from myself.

Time. Space. Silence.

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When all days look the same, when my space is so limited, I struggle to be in the moment. Rather, I’d prefer time to go faster. I’d prefer not to be aware.


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Freedom and authenticity are among the most wanted values nowadays, and the only way to experience them is connecting with your true self, thus connecting with Nature.


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The stronger your impulse to explore, letting go your ego, the deeper you observe, wide open, the richer the connection.