Under the weight of snow


He thought he was sleeping

Suspended Times

trop loin de mes yeux dans l’herbe virevoltant le pinson gazouille too far from my eyesin the grass twirlingthe finch chirps demasiado lejos de mis ojosen la hierba dando vueltasel pinzón chirría

Mémoire d’homme

les vandales loindigne de mémoire d’hommeil ne reste rien vandals awayworthy of living memorynothing is left vándalos lejosdigno de memoria vivano queda nada

The cabin

Ask yourself how you’d protect yourself from the man if you were me. How would you take care of yourself? Go home, live your life, take care of yourself, take care of your family and come back to me when you have the answer you came to look for in the cabin.

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