Trust your heart rather than your mind. 

The closer you are to your heart, to your emotions, listening to the messages your body sends you, the truer you are to yourself. Let your heart guide you. Nature is the destination. This also works the other way round: connect with Nature, and you will connect with yourself.

Be wild. 

Freedom and authenticity are among the most wanted values nowadays, and the only way to experience them is connecting with your true self, thus connecting with Nature. Yes, this is challenging. Yes, this can be a scary and painful process to go deep inside and get to know the true you. Our minds are doing a great job to find excuses, to justify, to explain, and will do whatever possible to defend the status quo. They have been doing this for years, creating layers over layers, disconnecting us from our essence. They are quite expert to make invisible to us what really matters, leading us to fall in the traps of greed and consumerism. 

There’s no healthy way human development can be based on greed or on living a life that is not ours. When we intend to possess more than we reasonably need, most of the times at the expense of others, particularly at the expense of Nature, we can’t but be wrong. 

Being wild is being free. Animals are always so inspiring, so wise. They have so much to teach us. Get to know them. Watch documentaries. Read books. Observe them, how they behave. Interact with them. The wilder, the better. I am always astonished by how wiser they prove to be compared to men in so many cases. Just for greed.

In general, most of us know where the limits are. If only we listened to our hearts, if only we connected with our true selves, if only we put it in practice, we won’t be losing so much time, energy and money, debating, faking, meanwhile the health of our planet is getting worse every day. Let’s make it our daily habit to follow our natural instincts, protect Nature and win over consumerism. 

The closest natural area to you is the wild, naturally intelligent biological community within you.

Michael J. Cohen

It is proven today that there is room on Earth for all living beings. The only condition is awareness and respect. To ourselves and to our environment, which we are part of. Let’s listen to our heart and ignite life and purpose. 

Be wild.

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